Trackmania Canyon : Trailers

Educative Trailer - Please Activate The Sound !

Gameplay Trailer - Please Activate The Sound !

In 2010, I worked on Trackmania 2 : Canyon.

Was in charge of what we call "The Freeride" wich is inspired by Hoover Dam.

I worked with Francois-Xavier Delmotte to define the modularity than made all the according blocks from modeling to texturing and lighting.
Also worked on rocks, cliffs, and vegetations.

Challenges :

- Set top notch modularity system.
- Once reconstructed environment got to be credible.
- Photo sourcing textures. [Diffuse, Spec, Glossiness, Fresnel, Normal Map].
- Optimizing the data [Tri Count, Lods, UVS, Lightmaps].
- Set lighting on my own blocks so they could look nice in all moods [Morning, Day, Evening, Night].

The team was really small for a such quality : 4 persons, 6 months.

Art / Level design & Design Team Credits : Francois-Xavier Delmotte, Florent Castelnerac [CEO], Stephen Magnardi, Bertrand bregougnoux & myself.