Worked with Michel Vibert and Francois-Xavier Delmotte on the Swiming Pool kit. Was in charge of what we call RoadWater, from Modeling, Procedural rules, to Optimisations.

Worked in close collaboration with Nadeo's Art Director Stephen Magnardi and Director Francois-Xavier Delmotte in order to create Obstacles Pushers [Design/Conception/Modeling/Animation/Optimisation.]. I was in charge too of pushing the in engine animation tools to more robustness and better user experience, providing feedbacks to Damien Quillot, one of our Engineer -

Those pictures were made thanks to Ubisoft Nadeo team effort including Stephen Magnardi, Alexis Smadja, Erwann Trebaol, Francois-Xavier Delmotte, Christophe Kermorgant, Christophe Moyne, Michel Vibert, Geoffroy Bruny, Julien Quilghini, and Myself