Historium Brugge : Textured Buildings

In 2014, I had the honor of collaborating with “Nozon Bruxelles” as “Texture Artist/Mattepainter” on the film that will serve as the unifiying thread for the “Historium Brugge” attraction in the Belgian city of the same name.
I finally visited it in 2022, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit Brugge. I was really satisfied with this unique experience which combines 3D film, VR, automata, & odorama.

Like a haunted carousel [without monsters this time], Throughout the visit, people follow a route from room to room in which a chapter of the film whose VFX were produced by "Nozon Bruxelles" and “Nozon Liege”.

Under the direction of Chris Mascarello, and Tristan Salomé I created some Building’s textures as well as a Matte Painting of the film, which are in FullCG with real actors. [Fixed some modeling and UVS when needed].