Minuscule : Red Ants Texturing

Was "Texture Supervisor" on this movie. Texture was made by Jean Philippe Servais. Final Rendering was handled by Nozon Paris, with this picture i tried to explain that our goal at Nozon Liege was to add as much details as possible in the texture while color balance etc ... should be handled by the rendering team. Indeed the texture team didn't have had any Arnold license ... So we couldn't calibrate the color ourselves. We tried to propose solutions based on the rendering they sent us.

Back in 2012, I joined Nozon Liége in Belgium on the Feature Film "Minuscule Valley Of The Lost Ants" as Texture Supervisor.

My main challenges were :

-Supervise a bit the modeling, and a lot the texturing of all main assets [Soda Can, Sugar Box, Black Ants, Red Ants, LadyBug, Rocks ...]
-Ensure that a trailer could be ready for "Cannes Festival".
-Hire the texture team.
-Set texture pipeline.
-Convince team that we should adopt Zbrush.
-Convince Producers that studio needed more than 1 Photoshop license.
-Convince producer that texture artists need a wacom tablette, and good hardware.
-Modeling and texturing mostly retakes.
-All the work was done under super short schedules [Under 2 months].
-Sync Work with Nozon Paris.

Texture and Modeling Team Credits : Thierry Claude, Francois Pommiez, Damien Fransolet, Luc Crouset, Jean-Philippe Servais.